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    Need advice on which ROM to use

    I have the windows mobile 6 installed on my 6700. It was the edition I downloaded on here somewhere. With dopewars and rubiks cube and all that. Is there a better one you guys would suggest? I don't have an old copy of the one on my phone..But I was looking at the PPCKitchen one. If I installed that now and didn't like it, I would have to stick with it if I couldn't find the one I had on it before. What would you guys say? Go to kitchen?

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    Use the Kitchen, its easier than you think! The version with Dopewars was an early version that had quite a few bugs in it.

    Make sure:
    1) You backup your Contacts, Calendar, Notes, etc. using ActiveSync and Outlook.
    2) Download the PPCGeeks file/customization package, and save it inside of the Kitchen folder.
    3) Make sure you have .NET Framework installed properly on your PC (most people do) The Kitchen requires that to run on your computer.

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