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    Bluetooth ActiveSync and ObEx with BlueSoleil

    This is giving me a headache!

    I just bought a USB Bluetooth adapter for my laptop and using the BlueSoleil driver and client to manage it. It works excellently with my Motorola S9 headphones; however, with my Apache it pairs with DUN, but I cannot get it to work with either ActiveSync or object exchange.

    I've looked around a whole lot and I find that I'm supposed to tick the "ActiveSync" box under Partnership Settings, but all I get are "Serial Port," "Wireless Stereo" and "Hands Free."

    I'm also supposed to select "Connect via Bluetooth" from the ActiveSync menu on my Apache, but it's not available either.

    Here's what I've done:
    - paired my Apache to the PC using BlueSoleil
    - checked the "Serial Port" box under Partnership Settings
    - opened COM6 on my PC as a Bluetooth Port
    - set up COM6 using New Outgoing Port on my Apache
    - set up COM6 under "Allow connections to one of the following" in ActiveSync on my PC

    For some reason I can't unlock those two options. I've got a whole bunch of registry entries that I'm ready to re-write in order to get it to work by manually adding the option, but I'd really rather not take all the time to do so if there's an easier way.

    WM 6.1.20931

    I'd really like to get this to work since bluetooth ActiveSync and file transfer is so much easier than USB. Thanks!
    with a "brand-refurbished" Verizon XV6700 w/WM 6.1:20931, 624 MHz, 8 GB SDHC

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    bluetooth activesync

    Any luck getting this to work?

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