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    Question strange beep (5 second interval) over bluetooth headset

    i couldnt find anything on this using search. when i connect to a bluetooth headset, i get a beep every 5 seconds or so. the beep is played through the headset, and it does this whether im in a call or not, no matter what im doing. its just loud enough to be extremely irritating. i dont get the beep with no headset, but both my hs850, and my ht820 do it, so i really doubt it is the headset screwing up. i called utstarcom, and thier tech support couldnt help. any ideas?

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    I hear that same beep! I thought it was something to remind you (though very irritating) that you are connected and looking like a dork with a Star Trek headset on while eating a burger at McDonald's.
    I thought it was my brand of headset, Tekkion.

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    hmm... I only get that when my battery is low on my Plantronics headset.

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    I've used an hs820 for a couple of years on different phones and it will beep every 5 seconds when you do not have cell reception. It did it on my moto v70, v80 and now with the 6700. When I have reception, it does not beep. It never beeped during a call.

    I presume your unit is fully charged.

    Have you noticed when your headset beeps?

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    This may be too simple, but when I had a Motorola headset, it would continue to beep when I had a voicemail or a reminder that I hadn't dismissed.
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