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    How do you know if your micro sd card is bad?

    I had to reset the phone yesterday and tried re-loading my programs (TCPMP, Mobireader and Pocket Player) and movies onto the 6 Gig card (I did the hack to make the phone recognize the card).

    The problem I'm getting now is that if I try sending programs to the phone it keeps coming up with an error. If I install to main memory then everything is fine.

    The other issue is that when I put the card into the card reader on my desktop it shows my movies on the card. When I open up TCPMP (Version 7.02RC1) it keeps saying "file not found". It does however let me open a couple of the movies on the card.

    Is it possible the card was damaged by the hard-reset? If so is there a way to fix it or re-format through the phone?


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    Best bet is to copy the entire contents of the card to your computer, format the card in the reader, and then copy contents back. Hopefully, the format will fix the issue and your phone will recognize the card again.

    At the very least, you will have a safe backup of your card contents to load the next card with.

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    Thanks for the fast reply - I tried that it didn't seem to work. I just realized that I orginally did the hack but didn't re-install it after the hard reset.

    I just found the cab file and reloaded - all is good now!

    Thanks - I appreciate it!

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