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    Questions about the Titan XV6800

    Hi I have had a brand new one that I haven't really used and have a few questions:

    1) Does anyone report a better phone radio signal strength in the Official WM6.1 ROM OR any of the custom ROMs? Reason I ask is from the one time I activated it and did a few test calls the connection wasn't that great. I do need it to work where I work, in a basement, so that's probebly a factor, but my i730s have no problem working in the basement, and the SCH-i760s I tried have had not as bad as a problem in the basement in terms of dropped calls, but the XV6800 couldn't keep a call down there for anything..

    2) Is the only problem with the official WM6.1 ROM that it didn't allow 3rd party GSP (now a resolved issue) or was there other things that were found to be problematic?

    3) What are, say, the 3 or 5 top/best cases reported for the XV6800?

    4) Which custom ROM would people say is the best? DCDs...? Chems? and which versions?

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    all of your questions are available search but i will help you out on some.

    1) i dont believe the ROMs have made any difference, but search for " verizon AND radio" to get more results.

    2) no problems with the new ROM, but there are a couple threads on the first page from verizon users who did the upgrade, read thru those.

    3)search for "cases"

    4)search for "custom ROM*"

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