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    Can my Boss track me on my 6800?

    The Boss just gave me a new Sprint Mogul phone...

    I'm not paranoid (maybe a little) , but can my boss watch me while I'm driving to my Service calls?

    I found this:

    Sprint Precision Locator keeps track of employees via GPS - Engadget

    Do they need my permission to track me?

    Can you disable the GPS?



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    yes your boss can if he has the service activated.
    no they do NOT need your permission its their phone, you are their employee.. that can certainly do that.

    heck, rental car companies do the same thing in their cars.... they can track them at will...

    there are ways to deflect the GPS from sending a signal and there is a function to turn off LBS in the phone, but the employer could have disabled that so you can not deactivate it...

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    Answer the following question:

    Is the Sprint account in your name or the company's?

    If it is the company's account then they don't need your permission to track THEIR phone (IE track you)?

    If it is in your name then yes they do need your permission to access your account to track you. Now be careful in this case as you may have 'granted' them that permission if you agreed to them paying (reimbursing) your cell bill or via some other 'company employee policy' you accepted when you took the job or since you have been employed with them.

    Those policies are the ones everybody gets that email or annual notice bout but 'never' read and just 'sign off' that they did.
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    SmartPhoneTracker works great too, and free

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    Heh. I am no legal expert but I am under the impression that we (Americans) have very few privacy rights while at work. Your employer can read your email, keylog everything you type, monitor exactly how you spend your time, and fire you at will for no reason at all. (Oddly if they fire you for your race or gender you can sue, but if they don't give a reason, then they are in the clear.)

    I see no reason why this Orwellian situation would not also extend to a phone they give you to use while you are working.

    Having said that... There are several episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation where the Captain attempted to locate a crew member by the location of their communicator - and somehow the crew member foiled the Captain (usually by reprogramming it or simply leaving it in an empty room.)

    So... Checkout the software on the phone. See if GPS is on or off. I suppose if you really want to be industrious, you could reprogram it, or fool it somehow. Get a second phone or a computer to send a different signal. or something.

    Or take the battery out of it when you don't want to be tracked. I'd like to see it send SMS/GPS data without a battery.

    I suppose you could make a small Faraday cage to keep it in from time to time too. That would probably block SMS/GPS signals.

    Your employer would start to get goofy data and wonder if the damn thing was working right, or what. They may even tip their hand and start asking questions like "is the GPS on your phone working correctly?"

    Just feign ignorance and say "Sprint sucks. I can't get a signal half the time and it drops calls left and right."

    That actually might be kind of funny.
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