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    Smile My Mogul died. :( I got a replacement. :)

    Well, last night my beloved Mogul died. I was in the middle of a call and then I heard a buzz and that was it. All attempts to bring it back to life failed. It was sad, sad, sad and I used lots of profanities.

    Ever since I installed decent software on the phone (with the help of the members of this forum of course - thank you again) I made it a really nice piece of equipment, and I really liked the phone. In fact, I recently bought one off eBay for my wife because I considered it one of the best things available.

    Unable to call anyone with a busted phone I simply went to a Verizon store. What other choice did I have? I was paying Assurion to insure my phone, and I am out of contract. Also, the Mogul I had was a replacement from about a year ago for my xv6700. I am fairly sure it was a refurb to begin with since it was a little beat up when I got it.

    After about two hours of bull****, I managed to work out a deal to get a xv6850 - the Touch Pro. The gist of the conversation went like this:

    Me: My phone is busted. I have insurance, and I think its still under the one-year warranty anyway. I need a new phone asap because I use it for business. Can I get a replacement?
    Them: We have to replace your phone with the same model.
    Me: While I am perfectly happy to take a new Mogul, I am willing to bet you don't have any in the store, and you probably don't have any in a warehouse also, so I'd like a Touch Pro.
    Them: Well, I dunno if we can do that.
    Me: Well, you know, I have had my eye on the Palm Pre or the iPhone for some time. I need a really good reason to not walk 500 yards to another store and switch everything over and walk out with a shiny new Pre.

    So after two hours of goofing around I was now a Touch Pro owner.

    At first, I was not so happy with the Touch Pro, and wished I still had my Mogul. The Touch Pro screen seems thinner and smaller than the Mogul and the whole phone seems longer and thicker - I'm not so keen on that. It feels sorta cheap since the keyboard wants to slide and separate from the screen almost anytime you pick it up. It just feels sorta sloppy. And its amazing how much oil and sweat human hands actually create - you don't notice it at all until you actually handle a Touch Pro and the nice, shiny black plastic suddenly looks like something full of smudges and thumbprints caused by a two year old with sticky, yogurt covered hands. And of course, out of the box with the lame Windows Mobile Today Screen, the phone looks like a useless piece of crap (because really I think Windows Mobile kind of is with the lame default software.)

    However, once I got it home and started poking around the forums I realized there is a new ROM from Verizon that came out around a week ago. It includes Visual Voice Mail, and best of all THEY UNCRIPPLED THE GPS!

    Whoo hoo! Happy happy joy joy! Verizon seems to have pulled its head out of its ass and realized that their little "encryption protection" hack or whatever they called it (which essentially crippled the GPS built into the phones) was just irritating people.

    Maybe they read my other posts on this forum about the GPS crippling subject. Maybe they actually listened to the verbal complaints I made about "Google Maps doesn't work on Verizon, but it does for my friend with the same phone on Sprint." Maybe they realized that the people who want VZNavigator are going to pay for it, and the people who think it’s a rip off won't ever pay for it and simply switch to AT&T or Sprint or hack their phone with a custom ROM or something. Maybe someone panicked and said, "We've got to compete with the iPhone - VZNavigator be dammned!" Or maybe they simply forgot to cripple the GPS with this update and will cripple it again in the future (Jeeze, I hope not).

    Whatever. The ROM installed easily, Google Maps works like a champ and I lock on to satellites almost immediately. Also, the Visual Voicemail is pretty damn cool (although I have only played with it once) and the TouchFlow stuff looks kinda neat so far, but I need to hack it more to make it how I like (but I may dump it in favor of something less of a resource hog. Any suggestions?)

    So all in all, I want to say I am very happy with Verizon right now. They did a great job of replacing my broken phone, and I am VERY VERY happy with the decision to un-cripple the GPS.

    So I will remain a Verizon customer for the foreseeable future, and a much more happy one at that. Has Verizon seen the error of its ways? I hope so!

    Oh, and those HP Mini's with the built in EVDO chip look kinda neat. Two different employees told me independently that if I pay full price for one I can use my existing data plan to access the net. That will actually be useful and I may actually do that.

    So, I guess I'll see you guys on the Touch Pro forum.

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    Cool, glad it worked out for you and that you're happy with new phone.

    If you don't mind my asking- how much longer did you have on your contract? I was about 6 months out when my 6800 died but Verizon wouldn't replace it with the Pro even though it was my 3rd one.

    I'm happy though since the Touch Pro 2 is coming out will wait to see how that is before deciding if I want to switch to the Iphone.

    I guess it would have been better to go into the store and talk to a manager instead of dealing with them over the phone.

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    I have been out of contract since last fall. Also, my family plan costs somewhere around $200 a month, so I think they wanted to keep me as a customer.

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