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    Question Blackjack, T-Mobile, Tethered Modem

    Hey all, I am new here! I have a problem....I am using my i607 on T-Mobile with relative success, however I cannot get the tethered modem function to work via USB or Bluetooth. I have tried using the Internet Sharing thing, and it connects fine and my laptop gets an IP as well.....but I cannot ping out to the internet. I have my connection profiles set up correctly via T-Mobile customer service and can browse on Pocket IE no problem. Oh, and I am using WM6. If you have successfully done this, or have any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated! THANKS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rossle12 View Post
    How did you unlock your Blackjack for T-Mobile that's exactly what im trying to do
    I've been researching for days now

    Please and thank you in advance[:
    Since this wasn't answered I will tell you that AT&T walked me through the steps to unlock my Blackjack. I think it was because I was not under contract with it - I paid full retail.

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