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    Lightbulb Terminal Client Services.. How To.

    Courtesy of our awesome member... ciniminis..

    To be a Remote Desktop/Terminal Service "host" it requires:
    - Win2K Server, or
    - WinXP Professional, or
    - Win2003 Server
    Most other OS versions can act as "client", but only the above (with proper setup) can act as "host" (i.e. to be controlled).

    If your host PC is behind a router, you will need to set up NAT on your firewall to map port 3389 to the host PC's IP address. (Nowadays you most likely would have a wireless access point that has the router and firewall built-in, in that case just log into the wireless AP's browser interface to do the NAT mapping.) If you have multiple host PCs on the LAN sharing the same external IP from the ISP, you can change the port number in the registry to something other than the default 3389 - but know that some clients only support the default port.

    As to VNC solutions for PPC, I have tried every VNC program I could find on the i700 but the only one that worked was PTvnc2. The same company now makes another program called PTvncGPRS, but frankly I don't see what the difference is. PTvnc2 works both over Wi-Fi and over Express Network - and the horizontal full screen view is very cool (though you do have to zoom in to read any text on the screen).

    If you need to follow a good thread that makes a lot of sense instead of my gibbarish...
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