Here's the way..Thanks to our newbie member gelaserguy...he did some research, got hold of Samsung and this is what they had to say...

""Woo Hoo! At long last an answer!!! Direct from Samsung no less.

Thank you for your inquiry on your SPH-i700 model phone. The codes to use when adding pauses to the dialing string are "w" and "t" (of course, without the quotes). "w" is what is considered a Hard Pause which pauses the dialing until it is re-initiated by using a keystroke. The "t" is a soft pause which allows a 2 second pause before the dialing string continues. For most instances, it requires usually at least a 4 second pause, so you would use 2 letter t's.

Example: 1234567890tt1tt1234

PLEASE NOTE: This feature is case sensitive and it must be LOWERCASE letters used, "T" and "W" will not work, but "w" and "t" do.""