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    Can I use the i700 as a wireless modem to connect my laptop?

    Yes. You receive what you need with the phone (from Verizon), however you may want to get a separate cable for this since you must use the cradle for connectivity otherwise. A synch/charge cable should do the trick when they are available.

    All you have to do is go to the settings on the i700 and then to USB, then External Data Call. You then select External Data Call. At this point place the CD in the laptop and plug the USB cable in the laptop. Windows will recognize the i700 as a modem. The rest of the process is in the documentation that comes with the unit.

    When you order your i700, request SKU DAT80001. This is a free CD that has the required software you need on your laptop to do this.

    UPDATE: Apparantly the driver isn't on this CD... try THIS FAQ for the driver.

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    Just wanted to let everyone know Verizon does not support connecting the i700 to a laptop and use as a modem. Got my phone 6 months ago, got it working with no problems. Reciently ran into difficulties with my connection called tech support and they will not help and will not take back the phone.

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