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    How can I record a phone call with the i700?

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    Re: How can I record a phone call with the i700?

    Originally posted by "MikeCollins"

    Before we discuss the answer, please be adviced that it is illegal in some locations to record a phone call without notifying the other party that you are doing so. You are responsible for finding out what the local laws are that apply to recording telephone conversations.

    It is illegal to record someone without their knowledge in the state of Florida. So if you live here and you want to record something I would suggest you get their consent, and then start recording and get their consent again.

    Florida State Law:

    FSS Ch 934.03 (d) It is lawful under ss. 934.03-934.09 for a person to intercept a wire, oral, or electronic communication when all of the parties to the communication have given prior consent to such interception.

    Here is some general info on the other states:


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    Record Phone call

    Did you do this on a XDA or Samsung I-700.

    I had an XDA that it works fine on, clear loud recording. On my new I-700 you can barely hear the recording as if it was recording from the speaker output. I made the record volume as loud as possible, still same results

    Any suggestions?


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    On the Samsung i700, when I hit the record button while I'm on the phone, the other party cannot hear me anymore but when I stop the recording, they can hear me again. Has anyone experience this issue and how do I resolve this? This must be a bug or something on the i700.

    Also when I play the recording back, I would hear only me talking and not the other party. I have set the Input volume to the highest settings. Please advise.

    I was able to record a phone conversation fine with no problem on the Hitachi G1000 and Toshiba SP2032.

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    Angry Unacceptable answer

    When I tried to contact Samsung Support to address this issue, I got nothing but an unacceptable answer back from them. We all need to keep pushing Samsung to fix this issue in their architecture.

    [My response]

    The answer that was provided is not acceptable.

    I need to know why it was setup this way that the phone will ONLY record the calling party and not record the other party. Also why does it put the caller on MUTE so they cannot hear me during a recording. Is this a hidden setting that I need to change or is there is a work around? All the other PocketPC vendors allows you to record BOTH party on the phone call. Is this a bug that requires a FIRMWARE upgrade?? I am willing to purchase a software to be able to record a phone call if there is one out there. If this is a hardware issue, please provide a roadmap for a fix.

    We have evaluated all the PocketPC vendors: Toshiba 2032SP/AudioVox , Hitachi G1000, Siemens SX56 / XDA, and Samsung i700. So far the Samsung i700 is the preferred choice based on the features but we need the "recording a call" functionality to work for them to consider the Samsung i700 as a choice.

    [Samsung's response]

    Samsung Electronics wrote:
    Unfortuantely, the phone will ONLY record the calling party. It will NOT record your voice.


    Samsung Telecommunications America, Inc. (http://www.samsungusa.com)

    ********** Don't Remove "[SN********]" from the title *************
    When you inquire about our answer...
    With the Serial Number, we could identify your message.

    [ You Wrote ]

    This is a TECHNICAL SUPPORT issue that should be escalated to the highest level of Engineering. When I am on a call, and I hold down the record button on the left side of the Samsung i700 to record the call, the other party on the phone no longer can hear me. When I stop the recording, they can hear me. Also when I play back the sound file, I only can hear myself talking, not the other party. I was able to record a phone call on the Hitachi G1000, Siemens XDA, Toshiba 2032SP without any issues. Is this a bug in the FIRMWARE of the i700. I love the i700 phone and would like to keep it but I need to have the recording a phone call feature otherwise I have to return the phone. Please provide a prompt answer. Thanks
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    Thumbs down Free your mind from Verizon Wireless

    All the other vendors / carriers enable to voice recording feature for phone call, why did Verizon Wireless decided to DISABLE the function on the Samsunt i700??

    Their Audiovox Thera PocketPC will allow you to do voice recording. I assume that Verizon Wireless didn't have the ability to submits a user-request form which details their marketing preferences because Audiovox/Toshiba is not licensing the PDA side from MS and tweaking it to their advantage.

    Is there a way around this restriction that Verizon Wireless have put on the Samsung i700?

    Originally posted

    Has anyone tried VzW support? If this is a VzW programming issue they should be aware of this, after all this is a powerful device and many would need this feature.

    I was told it is an issue of MS licensing recording capability. Samsung is only licensing the PDA side from MS and tweaking it to their advantage. Verizon in turn submits a user-request form which details their marketing preferences and any OEM which provides them with full support inclusive of subsidising the product for sale. We as consumers have no say in what is preferable and hence the reason of us being Guinea-Pigs for testing and feedback. Not to name the dept. that answered my similar question, reply I got was," these days of people being trigger happy to file cases on any and all, Verizon opted to remove the Phone Call Recording capability." Now,that said, how much of this is truth and a cop-out its hard to say. I still concur with you that it is a feature that is needed

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