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    What can I do to speed up Express Network on my I700?

    Even though this information was obtained from a 7135 user, I think it would be applicable for I700 owners as well:

    Hi! I just got done resolving a speed issue with my EN account and 7135.

    Here is what happened, I got my phone two weeks ago and noticed that EN speeds were not fantastic, I averaged 14k with 16k max. I did not persue the issue immediately, as the phone was new and I wanted to make sure it was not a config problem on my end.

    Last week I finally called Verizon and started the process of troubleshooting the issue. I ran through how the phone should be configured and they had me try my default EN settings, my custom ones (from tips I got here, thanks guys), and QNC settings. Everything seemed to be configured correctly and after spending over 3 hours on the phone, the issue was not resolved. Finally, I said to the tech, "The EN coverage here is less than a month old, could that be the issue?" He said it might, but that was a different group of techs. I did not want to fight that battle, so I figured I'd wait a couple of days.

    In the meantime, I left my local area (Southern Illinois) and went to Chicago and Madison, WI for the weekend. In both those places my speeds were 50k - 60k average with peaks into 90k. when I returned, my speeds dropped back to 14k- 16k. I called Verizon again to try and resolve the issue and after another run in with Paul (very unfriendly and arrogant) I finally got the ticket escalated to the actual EN tech in my area. He quickly identified the issue was a setting in my account which he referred to as the "Maximum Bandwidth" setting. Mine was capped at 16k throughput in the local EN area. Once I left that area, my service speed switched to what the default speed was for that area. In Chicago, the max speed a "visiting" EN account can reach is 56k. Once I talked to the right technician (and it took a while to find him) he took the cap off my account and now I am hitting peak speeds over 125k (hit 138k on one test). My average hovers around 50k - 60k downloads and 7k uploads most of the time. Speeds are dependant on the traffic load that the EN network is experiencing. I'm not sure I like the idea that when I am traveling, my EN speed will be capped at a certain rate depending on my location. The Verizon tech explained that in areas where EN is firmly established, the caps are almost always 56k for accounts outside that area.

    Sorry for the long post, and I want to say thank you to Casey and Jeff, two of the best tech support folks I have ever dealt with!

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    Forgive my ignorance, but how do you tell how fast your connection is?

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