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    How do I use the i700 with AOL or AIM?

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    How to set up AOL 2.0 on Samsung I 700 for Mobile Office

    Thanks for the message on the ability to use AOL on the Samsung Phone.

    I purchased AOL 2.0 from Handango, and have been trying to set it up to work,

    Can you please clarify the settings necessary to use the digital modem built in the I 700 to connect using the 14.4 kps connection, I would prefer to use this connection because I was told by Verizon that this uses your minutes and does not incur any additional charges like the 1X network.

    I have set up AOL 2.0 to dial a local modem number, but I am a bit confused when selecting a modem from the list.

    The Choices are Hays Compatible on COM1, Generic IRDA Modem, Cellular Line, Native IR, USB Cable, Serical Cable on COM1 and Find Modem.

    I chose Cellular Line,

    Then continue through the process.

    The AOL APP dials the 800 number to get the local numbers for my area code, then says connecting to network, then says no carrier, then fails with a message that say unable to get a network connection. When I clear that message, another AOL APP message appears that says AN ERROR OCCURED WHILE RETREIVING PHONE NUMBERS,

    I am using AOL 2.0 Build 4098.8/2.0.55

    I am not sure if all the settings are correct or if there are some other subtle settings that I need to tune to get this to work.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.



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