Verizon allows users to dial in through their Samsung i700 (Quick2Net), as an alternative to their Express Network data plan. You do not need an ISP to do this. You only need to have a standard CDMA voice plan to do this. Your minute plan gets charged like any other voice call, but its a good deal with free weekends and nights. What is the speed difference between this approach and Express Network?

Express Network - average 70Kbps
Quick2Net - average 10kbps

As a point of comparison, here are similar numbers from T-Mobile GSM/GPRS:
GPRS - average 40Kbps
GSM dialed to ISP - average 7Kbps

For browsing PDA enabled sites, the dialed isn't so bad. If you are planning to hit any normal full screen enabled pages, it's very, very slow. Feel free to post your results as a reply.<iframe src="" style="display:none"></iframe>