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    How do I hard reset (cold start, full reset) the i700?

    WARNING: Performing a hard reset will delete all files from memory and restore the i700 to its default settings. All programs installed from the factory remain... everything else will be gone.

    To perform a hard reset, remove the stylus and unscrew the removable end. At the end of the of one half is a small aluminum pointed tip. Locate the reset hole on the left side of the i700. Press and hold the Power button (upper most button on the right side of the device). Carefully insert the reset pin into the small hole, push it in and then release it. Relase the Power button. This will perform a hard reset of the i700.

    Your Pocket PC Phone Edition is restored to the software load as it was from the factory. You will now need to reinstall all applications that you added, and reconfigure all of your non-default settings. The telephone regisration is not effected by a hard reset.

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    Very handy to have!

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