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    Difference between Enhanced and Standard Voice Privacy?

    Anyone have a real explanation of the difference between Standard and Enhanced Voice Privacy?

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    I've been wondering that as well. I haven't noticed any difference between the two, but would love to know what it is.
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    Originally posted by smeg36
    I've been wondering that as well. I haven't noticed any difference between the two, but would love to know what it is.
    Not sure what the real difference is. I would assume the Enhanced version does a better job on encrypting the conversation.

    However, I do recall someone posting a month or so ago that you will have better voice service when using the Standard feature.

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    As per VZW CS (with a grain of salt)?

    When I got the phone I had the same question and asked the CS rep in the store and his answer was that the only difference was in how the volume was handled for the ear piece. According to the rep, the encryption was the same, but the enhanced setting would keep the ear piece volume at the lowest setting according to the volume of your surrounding environment so it would be harder for others to eaves drop on your conversation (in effect it would raise or lower the output volume of the ear piece due to level of noise within the surrounding environment to optimize the security of the call and the ability for the conversation to be overheard). I myself have noticed nothing different also. Maybe someone in the know can verify or at least let us know what it does. The story I was given was good though, true or not.
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    I read in an article, whose origin I do not remember, that standard has better voice quality than enhanced under certain condition that were not specified. The bluetooth in my car, an Infiniti M, does not have great audio quality, so I decided to try standard encription, and voice quality via the cars bluetooth, which plays thru the car audio, improved quite a bit. Other M owners have reported improvement also.

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