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    Unhappy Active Sync won't sync

    Second time this has happened:
    I got a sync-charge cradle to be more like i730.
    First time I tried using it, found 760 didn't seat well with the port cover still attached. Phone connected but then disconnected to PC.
    Decided not to remove port cover and tried to sync w/eom cable.
    Connected to PC but would not sync.
    Got error message:
    Syncronization cannot be completed successfully. Reconnect and try again...
    45 minutes after on phone w/VZ decided to hard reset.
    Bought sync-charge cable. Last night when connecting cable to 760, similar connect/disconnect event occured.
    Again, now 760 will connect to both PC and laptop but won't sync w/either.
    All options in ActiveSync are grayed out.
    About to call VZ again and go through reset.
    Anyone else experience this?
    Any helpful comments/suggestions?


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    The only thing that has worked for me is to do a hard-reset. Verizon was no help.

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    There's some key information missing here - what OS are you running on your PC? If you're running Vista, AS won't work and you'll need Windows Mobile Device Center (free download from MS). If you are on XP, what version of AS are you running (I believe you'll need 4.5).

    Have you configured your personal firewall to permit AS/WMDC traffic? There are ports that need to be open to permit a sync in the first place, and if they aren't then communications will fail. MS again has documentation on the specific ports available.

    With the phone connected, go to Device Manager on your PC. Are there any devices with the little yellow warning sign next to their name? If so, delete them, disconnect the phone, reboot, and reconnect with a good Internet connection going. Your driver software may not have installed properly and is now hanging up.

    Those are the most common issues that crop up in my experience.

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    i'm using vista and windows mobile device center, and it's hit or miss. some days it connects w/no problems at all, but other days it's a nightmare. it sometimes doesn't even read it at all, or it connects only to disconnect almost immediately. it's driving my up the wall! just did a hard reset, so that's not the solution...help!

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    try toggling the pc to usb button that says extra features on/off that fixes it for me.

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