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    ordered my first pda. the i760. few questions


    Just some basic questions. I have spent alot of time over the past 24 hours reading posts in this forum and have found very helpful stuff. But i havent found anything about:

    1. If something happens to wm6 can you "reformat" it like you can a PC. There are a few hacks i want to do ( 4gb sd card etc) and if something screws up i want to make sure i can fix it. I know you can do a hard reset. is that the same thing?

    2. I fell in love with this phone because of the picsel browser. Is this the best broswer? Iv never used opera mini. I like picsel because of how you scroll through webpages.

    3. Icontact. I am interested in getting this app for my phone when it arrives. I was reading about it last night and it says a few things about SMS. Will it change the way you use the text feature?

    Sorry about all the stupid questions. Just wanted to cover everything before i got my phone and i started changing stuff

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    1. Yes, you can "Hard Reset"
    2. It's all based on personal preference. I've tried a few of them, picsel included, but I've settled upon, (for the time being anyway), PIE+. It too utilizes "Finger scrolling".
    3. No idea.

    Welcome and enjoy yuor i760 and the forums!

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    as far as browsers go, i prefer opera mini. picsel is cool, but it seems to be the most sensitive when it comes to signal. i, for instance, don't get the greatest reception inside my apartment, so picsel will kick me off rather often. it's become so frustrating, i don't use it all that often. opera, in my experience has been the fastest to load and is great for finger scrolling. worth a trial download, i think, though you might have no problem w/picsel. as far as icontact goes, when you click on a contact, it simply opens up the standard default windows options (call contact, send text message, etc.). i like it quite a bit, b/c i hate pulling out the stylus. you should also check out finger friendly friends and pocket cm. they are both free apps as well. i've tried all of them and personally prefer icontact, but the other two offer even more options. i just find icontact to be the easiest for finger scrolling (i often accidently opened the wrong contact, while trying to scroll through the others). just use this forum. everyone is really helpful, and are usually glad to offer suggestions and/or links, zip files, attachments etc. for freeware they've stumbled upon on their own customizing. there can be a slight learning curve in the beginning, but most all my questions were answered here. enjoy.

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    The i760 is completely reformatable (is that a word) . I have done several hard resets on my phone after finding out a program messes things up. The hard reset function will bring your phone to the original state it was shipped to you.

    Piscal browser has issues like stated above. There are many other browsers out there that are much more user friendly and more stable. I personally use IE with Pocket Plus. Adds several features to IE that Microsoft did not put on..

    iContact 3 is ok, but a great program is PocketCM. The newest version .18 has added a lot of features that were missing. It allows you to not have the text messages set up on their program but instead use the original SMS program.

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