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    Can't sync w/both PC and Laptop

    When first got i760 setup and synced w/both PC and my laptop.
    Had issue w/cradle I bought, had to do hard reset, which allowed syncing again w/both.
    Now, for no appparant reason, can sync w/only one or the other w/o having to delete one of the partnerships which entails resetting a new partnership each time.
    Anyone experiencing anything similar to this madness?
    I always synced w/both w/my 730.

    If I have to resort to another hard reset, who can offer most pain free process of doing so.

    All, this forum is so helpful and full of great people!!

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    I suspect that when you were syncing to both, you didn't attempt to sync mail to both. Mail is a very picky sync partner, and can only work across a single partnership. If you somehow managed to get it turned on for both, then that's likely your issue. Pick one computer that you won't sync mail to, and remove it from the data you're syncing. Then see if it works.

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