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    VPN'ing, have you done it?

    Has anyone used their i760 to vpn into their network and remotely log into a computer or server? I've thought about doing this and purchasing some remote client software but I wanna hear what other people have done and if it works correctly. I haven't really read anything about VPN'n and using the i760.

    My last phone the 6600 had terminal server client software on it, but i never ventured to using it with our vpn. I also have a sonicwall so I'm not even too sure if it's possible yet. But I'd really like to look into it, because remotely checking backup statuses from my hand sounds so enticing!

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    I have tried and the i760 successfully connects however when I bring up PIE, the VPN is knocked down.

    On my desktop, I set up the VPN connection the same way, the I bring up IE, type in the IP and all works great. I don't know why PIE on the i760 knocks down the VPN.

    Any ideas, anyone?

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    It's been awhile but what you need to do is go to start, settings, connections, click connections, switch to the advanced tab and go to exceptions. Add *.* This will force all traffic to pass through the VPN. I dont know why it would cause the VPN connection to disconnect unless you have your networks setup oddly. You might have to change 'select networks' under the same advanced tab described above. I'm not sure what combo of settings you'll need.
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