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    Problems installing programs

    I've downloaded and installed a few programs with no problems. Others I can't seem to install. I get a messeage stating that "there is no application associated with "s2us-0[1].98-wm5". Run the app first, then open file from with app. There are a few other programs also.

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    i install only one of two file extensions to my device. the .cab extension and the .exe extension. the .cab extension is installed from within the device itself with one click of the stylus. the .exe extension is installed from the desktop and sets itself up for install with my next active sync. both of these extensions usually comes to me either as-is or wrapped up in a zip or winrar file that then needs to be extracted.
    if you are getting this message with a lot of files then it appears to me that you are trying to execute files without the file extensions i mentioned above.

    you know what i would do with this particular file: try adding the extension .rar to the end of the file and try extracting it with winrar. you may find a .cab as a result. that 1 in brackets in the file indicates to me that it may have been duplicated somehow by a user which has caused it to be rewritten somehow.
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