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    Red face Anyone try THIS SMS threading program yet?

    SMS Client

    Didn't find much information, if any, searching this forum or other i760 forums.

    SO, anyone have any good/bad experiences with this program?

    I've been reading the "SMS threading" Thread for awhile now and it seems the majority of users of the apps in THAT thread had MMS problems, another sort of conflict, or were just confused on how to make the registry changes. (I fall into that last category )

    I would just like to find an SMS threading program that features "smart" autocomplete like the native app on the samsung i760, is easy to install, and won't kill my virgin sammy.

    Any suggestions/advice?

    Thanks again for any help.

    P.S. - I did a little digging and found Windows Mobile 6.1 will probably include threaded SMS..just NO idea when that will come out for us Samsung Verizon users.

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    If you re-read that thread, there are many mentions of solving the MMS issue. Before that solution was posted, I tried many other threading programs, and none of them even came close to being as stable, and caused even greater problems than the MMS issue.

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