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    Disconnect EVDO without Stylus?

    Is there any way to disconnect from evdo using a programmable button or profile? My last phone I could disconnect evdo by holding the red button for about 2 seconds. Doing that with this phone throws it in flight mode. This is not a huge issue, but as I continue to improve my knowledge with using this device, it'd be nice. Plus I'm not big on taking the stylus out every time I want to disconnect. Maybe a M/S voice command?

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    Just enable the wireless manager to appear on your Today screen and that will allow you to turn on & off phone, WiFi, bluetooth with your action button.

    Start, Settings, Today, Items, check Wireless, OK. Look at your Today screen. You can also adjust how high up on the Today screen your Wireless Manager will appear. Or you can use AE Button Plus to assign a button to the phone on/off toggle function.

    Holding down the red button isn't really flight mode, it just turns the phone off and on also, but you'll have to check an OK screen with a stylus or finger. It leaves BT and WiFi on if they were already on.

    (BTW, I'm assuming you're not trying to only turn off EVDO in favor of only using 1x in a misguided attempt to avoid data charges.)
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