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    Ways to "Pimp" your 760

    I just got my 760 and am searching through the forums to see how I can "pimp" it out, so I decided to start this thread to compile a list of "cool ****" people have done to their phone or just a list of useful functions of the phone, and/or annoying features you changed. Some things I classify as "cool ****" are:

    - PDANET - for tethering internet
    - Slingbox - for TV
    - Live stock tracker
    - Live weather tracker

    Things I want to do:
    - Modify today screen
    - Assign face buttons to be shortcuts to different programs
    - Use ringtones, as system tones for when texts arrive and alarms
    - Enable flash to watch youtube, and youtube like websites *ahem* redtube

    Keep adding to the list guys...

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    I like the HTC home plugin, it has an app launcher, weather update, ringtone profiles and a better looking clock

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    i'd start by never using the word "pimp" again

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