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    i760 Open Tickets - we need to call!

    I talked with a Tier 2 support member today to try and get EMS fixed and was surprised to hear that there are only two "documented" issues with the phone. These two issues have been forward to Samsung to get resolved. You will be quite frustrated to learn what they are and what is NOT covered - - -

    Issue #1: MMS message inbox over 50 causes issues with phone.

    Issue #2: Screen flicker on landscape mode.

    I cannot believe these are the ONLY two tickets that VZW is asking Samsung to revise. What about Bluetooth device pairing?!? What about 6gb/8gb MicroSD card support?!? What about 160+ SMS (EMS) issues?!? So many problems that are well documented in our forums that seem to not see the light of day with VZW's tier 2/3 support. I suggest everyone take the time to call tech support and continue to escalate these unresolved issues to at least get them to the attention of samsung.

    The technician also recommended me calling Samsung, while I think this is a completely lost cause - has anyone else given this a try?

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    I'm not convinced it is a Samsung i760 problem.

    We have some in-house paging system that I believe is sending out EMS pages. It uses the format mymobilenumber@3rdpartypagingsystem.com.

    I can send a long message to my i760 as well as a Treo 700wx and it will generate 7 text messages for those devices. If I send the same message to the mobilenumber@vtext.com, of course it just does 1 message and cuts it off at 160 characters... no multi's.

    Now, I have two coworkers who sit next to me and each has the VZW Blackberry 8830. So I send the test EMS page to them. Coworker #1 gets 7 txt messages, but coworker #2 gets one large text message.

    Weird, right, so I told coworker #1 to call VZW. He mentions how coworker #2 is getting them. They put him on hold and when they come back they say theBB shouldn't do it and the "working" device must be malfunctioning. (I kid you not!) We give VZW the # of coworker #2 and he gets put on hold again. When VZW comes back, she says yes, the BB's can actually do it and it is a setting on VZW's end (up to 1000 characters). She fixes coworker #1's BB and he is good to go now.

    I had him ask about WM devices.. gets put on hold again and when VZW comes back they say it can't be done on WM devices... booo.

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    What a gip. We should mass call and email them to get the ems and microsd card slot updates and fixes.

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    Stop with the microsd card. This will never be fixed.

    The only really big issue in my mind is the BT issue.
    This is just unacceptable.

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    What makes you say that it won't be fixed?

    Odd that Samsung can bring out some nice firmware upgrades to the mp3 players, but not their WM phones.

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