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    Crazy little problem

    I've got some weirdness going on when I dial extensions after a number.

    For instance, when I call an 800 number and have to wait for connection and the prompt that says, "enter the extension of the party you wish to speak to" the screen goes dark as per my settings for power saving. So, I'll dial the extension, say "3175" and the phone will dial a NEW call with the speed dial from the person on number "3" It dials the corresponding speed dial line to whatever the extension is!

    Anyone had an issue like this? Better yet, did you solve an issue like this?

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    Yes to the problem. I started a thread on it referencing voice mail after the screen goes into power save mode. For some reason, when the screen goes blank into power save mode, it dials the speed dial when you hit a number (such as 7 to erase a VM or 9 to save). The only solutions I know are to turn the screen on before pressing that number, or turn off the power save mode feature.

    I have not been able to figure out why it does this, but it is a problem. I can confirm it on three different phones. Others have as well.

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