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    Task Manager question

    When I pop open phm task manager during the day I can have up to 7 "Phones" in the list. Is this normal to have 7 copies running?

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    Just this morning I decided to post exactly that question here -- I too end up with multiple instances of the phone app running. I use AEB+ ("ok" button mapped for single-click OK, double-click Close App) and I also run QuickMenu which sets the X button to close rather than minimize.

    The phone app shows up in the AEB task list but not the native WM taskman. I usually use the green button to launch the app, but no matter how I close it (red button, X button, single or double click on OK) it still shows a new instance in the AEB task list. The only way I've found to avoid an accumulation is to use the task list to switch to the phone app use it, then switch away. Restarting the device clears all instances.

    Does anyone else have any insight?

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    In AEButton blus I was able to add "Phone" as a Taskmanager exception so it does not show up in the taskmanager. I added it 3 or 4 times to make sure it would not show any of them but I am not sure if I needed to do that. I also added "programs" since that seemed to show up even when it was closed. I would like to eliminate AEbutton plus's battery/memory thing from this task list as well but could not find how to do that. I guess I will check the website to see if there is a way.

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