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    Keyboard Slider Sound FX on i760?

    I know for the T-Mobile Wing and possible other PDAs it's more of novelty not a business necessity but still would like to have it as an option. When you slide up the screen it makes a noise and vice versa when you close the keyboard. I know this option was taken out of the VZW WM6 ROM but does anyone know if xda-developers or someone can extract that function? (if its' a DLL) or do you think it's a hardware only component?
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    If you do a search at xda in the dev and hacking forum for slidesound, you'll get one post. It has the cab and some sounds in it. I've tried, it does work but removed it shortly thereafter, a novelty that quickly wears off.

    EDIT - there's actually a link on the 2nd page of that post that has some good stuff in it, be sure to check it out.
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