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    wifi and data connection.

    quick question regarding internet connection. i got this phone and i did not get the data plan. by not getting the data plan, i know that if i were to connect to the internet using the #777 connection i would get charged for the internet fees.... my question is this.... if i were to not connect to the internet and only connect to the internet when i have established a wifi connection to a wireless router... will the wifi connection override the #777 connection? verizon wireless says it willl but i just need to be sure...

    by the way when i first got the phone i deleted the #777 connection because i didn't want to connecto the internet accidently. but by doing this... i was not able to receive or send any picture messages.... so i put the #777 connection back...

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    I had Verizon put a data block on my account, it seems to work. I also changed my connections settings from 'My ISP' to 'My Work Network' as an extra precaution as suggested in thread: How Do I know if its WiFi or Edge Being Used?

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