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    Newbie to i-760 plz help

    Big what up to all the forum members
    i love this phone but i dont have a clue how to optimize its capabilties
    i choose this phone because of the mobile office
    just browsing the forums i see alot of really nice today screens
    i am dying now to create or have one of my own
    i dont know any names of programs that will do what i want
    but here is just a run down of what i want

    -i want a to use excell word n powerpoint on the daily so ill perfer an icon on today screen oh i have a powerpoint presentation in my email that i cant seem to view the attachment is not clickable (message just states there is n attachment)

    - google maps looks really nice n could be very usefully

    -a icon to access txt messages voice messages easier ... ihave noticed i cant just the pen to tap the arrow to switch from txt to voice i can only get it to work if i use the arrows on the d pad

    -internet icon

    -contacts icon

    - a calender n task icon - im already using both to organize would like a quick access especially the task at slow times of the day i check it just to stay productive

    - i cant seem to veiw any attachments from emails

    well theres what ive seen from my first couple days on the phone that i would like to change if anyone can hlep plz do
    i would like to learn how to do this things on my on my own but im still too green i would like learn how to create backgrounds too
    so i can change at a whim since i have a thing for the ladies
    n diffrent ones catch my eye at diffrent times

    thanx in advance

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    You are probably going to need some Today screen plug-ins based on what you have described you want to do. Two that come to mind that I have used in the past are Pocket Breeze and iLauncher. Both can be found at
    SBSH Mobile Software - Innovative applications for a mobile world!.

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    I use Pocket Plus and think it's great. There are a couple of different ways that I've had my phone set up.

    I had all the icons that I used frequently set up on my Today screen. That way if I wanted Google Maps or IE I just hit that tab.
    The only thing is that it wasn't the cleanest look because I had lot of icons. There was a scroll bar on the right.

    This is what I just changed it to... I set up icons for 4 folders. When I hit the folder icon it pulls down some more icons. It's a cleaner look and very similar to the iPhone.

    Another advantage to Pocket plus is that when you hit the "x" in the upper right corner it actually closes the program instead of minimizing it. This clears up memory and keeps the phone running at a decent speed.

    Good luck!

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    +1 for Pocket Plus. It's going to take some time to get used to the phone and customizing it how you want it. I've never had a ppc before and after a month of installing/removing programs (not to mention, driving the wife insane spending endless hours here and at xda), I've finally gotten mine the way I like it. It's basic and has everything I need and use. I have mine setup similarly to wickedwheels, using 5 icons/folders and have all my programs listed below each one of those.

    Just be patient with it and backup it up (I'm using spb backup) so when you finally decide what you like, you can do a hard reset and install the programs you'll use.

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    alright thanks for the info ill look for poket breeze n try that out
    i just learn how to transfer files a lil bit
    so im thinking im gonna need a little more directions on how to actually get a new today screen up
    i like the idea of having icon folders n just going from there i think that would b perfect
    i just found a real nice background that i would like to keep .... would i be able to use my current image with pocket breeze?

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