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    Talking Newbie With a Newbie Question

    Well as you can tell by looking to the left, this is my first post here. This is also the first PDA phone that I have ever bought. To be honest I really only purchased this phone because it had WiFi, but I have to say I love everything else about it. I've been reading posts around here for a couple of days and much of the content seems like a foreign language to me. I've learned alot so far and many of the posts have answered common questions that I had. My first question that I have to ask is whether the hacks/applications have to be downloaded directly from the internet on the I760 or are the downloads made on a desktop then transfered to the device via the Active Sync? If both options can be used, is there any advantages to using one method to the other? Also when the hacks/applications are placed on the phone can they be stored on your Micro Sd or do they have to be stored on the phones hard memory? I know these are rookie/newbie questions but I appreciate any help you guys can give. This PDA Phone world is a new experience for me, so please just bear with me.

    One more thing, I was reading that I should hard reset the phone when it's taken out of the box. The problem is I got the phone from verizon and have no idea if they did any hard resets on it when they activated it at the store. Could it hurt the phone if I do another hard reset today, I really haven't installed anything on the phone yet, all I have done is taken a couple of pictures and added some calendar dates? If the hard reset is done, what does this erase from the phone? Will I lose all of my phone numbers if I do the hard reset?
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    Hard reset will erase all of your data, pix, phone settings, etc. You will basically have the phone like it was out of the box. Supposedly, this is a good thing to do periodically but you should get some sort of backup program so you don't have to re-load each piece of software 1 by 1 after the reset. Note that, if you run into issues, the installation 1 by 1 may very well help you troubleshoot problems so it's not the worst thing in the world.

    In terms of program installation - it really depends on the program. If there are things that are on your main screen or accessed often (ring tones, UI, dialer interfaces, etc.) then the conventional wisdom is that you NOT put them on the storage card. The reason is that the access is much slower so you will have hangs and delays while the 760 tries to get to the data. A lot of folks complained about ring tones and then when they moved them back from the storage card they got much improved performance.

    Best thing to do is do a search on the boards for any specific software you are looking at. Chances are, somone has loaded it on the storage card and can say if it worked or not.

    Good luck!

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    Method823 welcome to the boards... to add to Gadget nuts post... Here are some PPC basics that usually confuse newbies to the Windows mobile platform. There are two (well three) basic ways to get software onto a PPC.
    1) A lot of software comes in the form of a Setup.exe that you run from the PC... it will load the software to the phone through the activesync application from the PC. It will generally also configure your ActiveSync to "remember" the install in case you need to reload or uninstall it.
    2) some software is also available in the form of a CAB file (that is the extension on the file) that is copied to the PPC either through the Mobile Device using Explorer on the PC or via a storage card. You then execute the CAB file on the PPC to install the program.
    3) This one is not very common but some programs make the PPC executable avaible. it is also has a .exe extension but it won't run on a PC only a PPC. so copy it to the PPC either through the mobile device in Explorer or via a Storage card. Executing it will actually run the program.
    Hope that all makes sense.
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