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    Smile 4gb + i760 hack info plz!

    hey there can any one point me to the 4gb hack for the I 760 and any other hacks that you guys can think of, I'm kinda new to the I 760 and the forums here, any help whould be appreciated

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    Here you go. I used it and it worked great! Install the file in the i760's Main Memory.

    4GB microSD HC

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    4gb hack, i needed winzip though

    worked like a charm, thnks! so happy

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    Welcome to I hope you find the site as informative and as helpful as I have.

    One of the things we ask of members is that, before posting a question, they read the FAQs and search the forum first to see whether the question has already been asked by someone else. This helps us keep the threads organized (by minimizing duplicate questions and threads), thereby making it easier to find information.

    The FAQs appear at the top of the forum in the yellow banner (the forum header). The Search button is located in the upper right hand portion of each page. The FAQs for the i760 thread have a couple of links relating to the 4GB mSDHC hack. Thanks to mtgeorge for giving you one of those links.

    Because the hack has been discussed in the other thread, I'm going to close this one.
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