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    Assigning "enter" button to open email?

    Hi everyone, I have looked around a little and I haven't quite figured this one out.

    In order to open (imap) email without the touchscreen, I currently have to open the keyboard and hit enter on the message. Center button doesn't open the message as I would expect. It brings up a menu that says "delete, reply" etc.

    The only button I can find to open the message is the "enter" on the keyboard. I would like to be able to open the message without the stylus and without opening the phone.

    Any suggestions? Is there a way to do this w/o extra software?
    Many thanks guys

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    Use AE Button Plus to reassign your buttons to your liking.. search for it there is a recent thread about it.
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    On my phone, pressing the center of the d-pad will open a message and holding it down brings up the menu that you are talking about. Are you using the internal outlook box for your email?

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