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    Xlink bluetooth gateway

    Interesting little gadget here:

    Grace Digital Audio - XLink Bluetooth Link-Up

    seems to be good for folks who are always madly searching for their cell phone when it rings around the house. or, in my case, i get reception in one *very* specific location in my house and nowhere else. it would allow me to plant the cell phone in my single area of reception and just answer via the land line whenever it rings.

    of course, i'm not sure why you couldn't just *72 and *73 (forward your cell calls to your land line) to achieve the same effect without dropping the $170. the only big advantage to the bluetooth gateway is the phone could theoretically connect to the gateway automatically whenever you came home and save you having to remember to forward and un-forward your cell phone . . . that is, if the i760 wasn't having problems with its bluetooth connectivity

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    We have been using the XLink Gateway for 4 months. I dropped my land line and we use our mobile phones exclusively thru XLink when home. The XLink supports up to 3 separate bluetooth phones each with a distinctive ring pattern. Voice dialing works great on phones supporting it like the i760 and most newer mobile phones.

    The multiple bluetooth connectivity issue on the i760 is a minor annoyance that I am able to live with.

    I highly recommend the XLink Gateway.

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