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    best free music application

    I was just wondering what all of your favorite free music applications are for windows mobile

    ive been using the htc audio manager but have decided im not that much of a fan

    i do want something that can display album art if possible and make playlists or possibly sync them from itunes

    any suggestions?

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    only problem with itunes phone doesnt read mp4's
    i had that prob so i just got rid of my ipod n put 4gigs of music on it
    ill look for a good program if i find one ill put it up

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    Check out Slide2Play (S2P). (17 March 200 S2P v0.32 - Slide2Play - Reborn - xda-developers It's developed by the same guy in Hong Kong that developed Slide2Lock (S2U2). It is still under development, but is really nice so far. It supports the same formats as Windows Media Player. It shows cover art and has cover flow like an iphone. No mp4 support, and no playlists or equalizer yet.

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    ok so i like this s2p program, seems to work really well...I am excited for playlist support...and I would like it to shuffle the entire music collection....the only way I have found to do this is to press the corner of the album art on the main screen...it pulls up a slide bar ....swipe my finger across this bar and it shuffles to the next album....So far so good and I am looking forward to new updates...
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    i love this program :o

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