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    Lost access to SD card data

    Hi all, I have had this phone for some time and this is the second or third time it has done this. Basically, I turned it on the other day only to find that some of the programs could not find their data on the SD card...in the file manager it shows the sd card but does not show the data and files on the card.
    When I put the card into my pc card reader...same result...it shows the presence of data i.e. it shows the correct amount of free space, but it will not show my the files on the card.
    Any thoughts suggestions?
    Is the only solution to back up and hard reset?
    Please help....

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    Are you using a 4 gig with the hack?

    Try formatting the card. Maybe the FAT got corrupted.

    Or you could have a bad card.

    On a daily basis I would back up the files on the card for a few weeks in case data loss occurs again.
    Been there. Done that. Can't remember.

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