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    Message failed to send error.

    Hey everyone.
    Recently i've had quite an annoying problem with my Samsung SCH-i760. Every once in a while if i send a text message with my phone I will get an error saying "Your message has failed to send". The problem isnt the error.. Its how my phone is reacting to the error. Basically ill get this error without realizing it because i hit send and phone usually goes right back in pocket untill i get another message. Message usually comes like 20 secs after i send and i dont realize it. But when i get this error every text message that i recieve will not come through on phone. It won't ring or vibrate or anything. Once i hit ok on the error message, every text that i recieved comes through at once. It just happened and i got 7 texts over nite, and my friends werent to happy with me not responding haha. Anyone familiar with this error and know how to fix it?

    Thanks so Much

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    i get this too.... and it sucks...

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    It is a Bug. I usually get a different notification when it happens and go in and resend from drafts.

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