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    Is there a way to make my alarms repeat more than 2 times? I know I can check repeat when setting an alarm, but on my phone it only repeats twice and Id like it to keep repeating until I wake up and shut it off.

    If the standard alarm app cant do this, please recommend a simple 3rd party alarm app that I could install.

    And is there any problem with the phone being locked? On my old Motorola Q there were problems when the phone was locked, sometimes the alarm wouldnt sound at all.


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    I have actually discovered a very nice program called pTravelAlarm. You can set up to 10 alarms, pick which days the alarm will sound on (like M-F @6:30 a.m. or Sat., Thurs, and Tues @ 3:00 p.m.), pick the alert (including mp3's), and can set the alarm to sound for up to 30 mins. you can also set the snooze time in between alarms sounding. I've had no problems with the device waking up when the alarm is supposed to sound. It's really a great program...
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