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    A Sure way to Freeze the I760

    So for the past few weeks I’ve been trying to find out how I can make the phone “untouchable” during reminders, alarms, answering the phone through bluetooth etc. Because when these events happen the screen comes on, hence from this point on all buttons are available for pressing, which then becomes accidentally dialing, pulling up weird programs etc. So I decided to try the feature “device lock”, it’s not the password lock, it’s just the feature that locks the phone from unwanted presses.

    To add it, go to your today screen setting and under “Items” check the box for “Device Lock”. Now on your Today Screen you’ll have a little padlock with Device lock status next to it. (Yes, it’s way lamer than slide2unlock) From here you just tap the padlock and the screen goes instantly into lock, to unlock, just softkey unlock and press star *.

    Pretty simple. Unfortunately, I’m not having luck with it. Of course, I want to take it up a few notches. For example, when I’m driving with device set to lock and when I go to call out to someone through my bluetooth via Microsoft Voice command, the phone just freezes. Quite annoyed, seeing how I thought I was so close to having a phone that doesn’t “turn on and become available” when I just want to just use bluetooth. I also constantly check my signal strength through bluetooth just to see at what part of the area I’m driving through has the best coverage to make a call, but after I find out the signal strength, a short time after I usually start hearing beeps and tones, basically the phone letting me know that buttons are being pressed! This annoyance is probably number 2 -under Microsoft’s bluetooth caller id notifications bug. A friend told me to just wait a few years when smart phones get smarter, but I’m not that patient.

    So has anyone else tried this and had luck? And is there any other way to have the phone stay off with reminders, text messages, emails and especially answering phonecalls through bluetooth?

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    Well, after reading this post, I tried to lock my device and use VC over bluetooth to check the time. VC responded beautifully. I then tried to initiate another command, and I can confirm that my device froze as well and had to have a soft reset. SON OF A #$%#^!!!!! Has anyone contacted Samsung or VZW about this?
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    another way to almost guarantee freeze our phone is to slide the phone open or closed making the screen change orientations, while PIE is loading a page....

    i almost hate it when people are checking my phone out and they're sliding the thing like crazy and I know its trying to catch up...

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    Anyone else's phone freezing?

    Mine always freezes when I try to access my voicemail or call somewhere with an automated dial system....

    always results in soft reset! SO ANNOYING!

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