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    "Safe" InboxExtender

    You may already be familiar with the InboxExtender install. This dll is very handy in that it lets you mark an entire folder as read by adding a "Mark All as Read" menu option.

    Unfortunately... there is also a very dangerous menu option that is located just a fraction of an inch away! It is labeled "Delete All" and if you accidentally click it, it will without any warning, delete the entire contents of the current MAPI folder.

    I have added some code to this dll that places a safety mechanism around the delete functionality. It will simply ask you for verification of your actions before continuing. A simple fix indeed, but makes the dll actually usable.

    I have also modified the dll to "unregister" the previous dll (if you had Q Inbox Extender installed). This should have no effect if you had no previous installation.

    1.) Copy SafeInboxExtender.cab to your device
    2.) Navigate to the cab on your device and click it
    3.) Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the install
    4.) SOFT RESET!
    5.) The "Delete All" function should now be safe!

    Please let me know how it works for you.

    I can only vouch for the success of this dll on the i760... Always remember to back up your device before you install random cabs by hacks like me.
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