Good lord, I've spent all morning trying to setup 2 pop/imap accounts on my Verizon i760 with no luck! I have other pop/imap accounts setup and working perfectly for my Comcast and work email.

When I setup Hotmail Plus and Gmail account specifically following the instructions I don't get a connection. Yes, I'm using SSL, yes I am specifying port numbers, Yes, I have a paid Hotmail account, etc. The connections time out. Yes, I know I can use PIE to check but I want all my messaging in the same format in the messaging system. I have seen all sorts of info denying and confirming the ability to check pop email from a verizon pda phone so I'm not sure what the problem is.

This site confirms that you can get Hotmail Plus email via POP:
Your mail is here, come and get it!: Hotmail now offers POP Access for Hotmail Plus users

Plz, tell me Verizon is not blocking these services. If so, I don't get why they are so limiting and constrictive in what you can do on your device. Christ, I just want my plain ole POP email!!!!