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    Samsung Hard Reset

    With a hard reset the registry seems to stay the same, how to I restore the factory registry. The problem I have is my ringer is set to normal ring but it keeps doing ring increasing ... if I set it to ring increasing, it is the normal ring. If I set the email notifications and network notifications to off, they still appear... I thought if I did a hard reset these the settings issues would disappear but they stay.

    any ideas?

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    Are you sure you are doing a hard reset. You know you have to hold down the center of the d-pad (silver circle) while depressing the red button on the left of the keyboard with your stylus right? Make sure you hold the d-pad down before and well after you release the red button. A little message in the bottom left will appear saying something like "clearing all data".
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    Something I discovered today. You don't have to simultaneously press both buttons. All you have to do is press the reset button and when the MITS screen shows up press the select button (Center Round One) You will then see "Clearing Data" at the bottom of the screen.

    Oh and this resets the phone to near factory settings (It still will retain your phone number) Be sure to write down any presets you may have!

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    i just did a reset today
    the way my noobish self got it to work was
    hold center button on D-pad (n dont let go)
    tap red reset with stylus
    and just wait for the text at bottom
    it deletes your contacts too so make sure u back up everything u do on the phone to comp

    i wrote my numbas down but is there a way to copy them onto my laptop
    i dont use outlook my phone is more personal then buissness at this moment

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    I use the "Clear All Data" button in the security tab of the phone settings menu. It does the same thing. Obviously that can't be accessed if the phone completely locks up.

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    As far as names, numbers, and appointments go, I love the fact that you can just make a copy of the pim.vol file and place it on your mem card. I do that occasionally, when synching the device with my laptop isn't an option! Learned this on my old 6700!

    Just FYI if you didn't know you could do that.


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    didnt know you could do that... thanks for the tip. i just sent my pim file... that will come in handy when my phone goes retarded THIS time.

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