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    Talking SCH-i760 Microcontroller Manual (PDF Download)

    If you click on the "about" icon in settings, you will see that the processor for the SCH-i760 = ARM920T S3C2440. I Googled until I was pretty sure that I had the most up to date and official Samsung User Manual for the i760's microcontroller (aka the S3C2440A).

    The full title of the document is:
    32-BIT CMOS
    Revision 1"
    Here's the DL link:
    The Password is:
    **I used megashare because I despise rapidshare. Also, I couldn't attach the PDF to this post because its bigger than the allowed size for attachements.

    If you have any problems downloading please post your problem. I'll be watching this thread and if anything comes up I can always throw up some more links and some mirrors.

    Geeknotes: This microcontroller has been around since 2004 (I found some preliminary white papers on it in my searches). Its also used in a few GPS handheld devices. Last but most Geektastic, there are alot of developement kits out there for this processor that use linux!!

    If you love assembly code, this is the document you have been waiting for.

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    I wouldn't say I've been missing it Bob.

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