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    Users of TomTom Navigator 6 on i760

    I've searched the forum, and can't find a thread on TomTom 6 and the i760 that gives me detailed info on them. Who here is using TomTom Navigation 6 and specifically the Freedom 2000 GPS. Can you post your opinions on the software and how to install it in detail....How hard is it to install the actual software and to transfer the maps to your micro sd card. Are there any compatibility issues with WM6/i760? Finally, how much space does it take up on your card for the whole US/Canada?

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    It takes about 900mb for US and Canada. I'm not sure about that receiver though, I have the TomTom one. For some reason it was complicated for me to transfer the maps to the card. If I tried to do it through USB it would hang on a file every time and stop. I had to use an SD card adapter and reader to get them to transfer.

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    I have TomTom 6 and the Freedom 2000 GPS. It works great! It takes a few seconds for TomTom to get data from the GPS but once it does it is very accurate.

    Transferring the files to the SD card was simple since the program will walk you through the necessary steps. I found it a simple process and definitely worth the investment.
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    I'm running 6.030 with the 6.75 maps USA only. I use the BT 338 receiver. The installation of the software was pretty straight forward. Just follow the road map. I put the map on a 4 gb SD card via USB and TT Home. The map takes about 1.4 gig of space. In order to use a 4gb sd card you also have to install the HTCsd.cab (sp?) in order for the i760 to see it. If your not comfortable with meatball surgery on your i760 then use a 2gb card.
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