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    Screen freezes after non use

    ok heres my problem when i leave my phone alone for a while it goes black
    which is the normal screen saver i kno
    but when i go to use it sticks on that black screen and then previous screen view is distorted for a short while i geuss while it catches up
    but i have to slide my phone open n close 2-3 times for it to become operational again
    is there anyway i can make so i could just touch a button for my screen to come back?

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    No you have to press the button on top of the device.

    Do you have a lot of programs running in the background?
    Does this happen after a soft reset?
    Do you have any SW installed that is trying to access the internet on a scheduled baises? If yes when the device goes to sleep it may be causing problems trying to access the internet when it is sleeping.

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