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    Cool I760 & Wireless Extenders Cell Phone Signal Boosters

    Has anyone tested/played with Wireless Extenders Cell Phone Signal Booster - 800MHz??

    Model: YX500-CEL

    Works with Cingular, Verizon and Alltel cellular wireless phones in the frequency range of 824 - 894 MHz.

    I'm looking for a solution to boost my signal, I stream a radio station at work and my signal is borderline. like 80% of the time I have no problem, 3-4 bars but it drops to 1-2 bars frequently during the day something I believe this item would hopefully eliminate, anyone have any experiences?

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    First, bars are not indicating signal strength for digital handsets. They are an indication of available bandwidth.

    When you see a reduction of "bars" it means that more people are using the bandwidth available from your nearest towers. Since bandwidth is allocated by the network so that everyone has some of what is available, a booster is unlikely to make any difference. Boosters work in fringe areas were actual signal strength (not bars indicated on your handset) is low. Low signal strength is less than -85 dB. Very low signal strength is less than -100 dB.

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