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    Cool Adding to your Smartphone

    Hey everyone. I'm brand new here. I've found some good help here in the day or two i've looked around.

    I own the Samsung SCH i760 and love it so far. I'm having an Activesync issue with my e-mail at work (which is never good for a salesman ), but after taking it to my Verizon store and also trying to get it to work with other Smartphones, we've realized it's something on my works server. We just have to figure out what now...

    Anyway, I'm here to ask you guys a question that probably has a simple answer, but I can't figure it out. I have download a few programs from freewarepocketpc.net. I DL it to my computer and then transfer it to my phone. Some programs work fine, but others must not be in the right format?? because the phone won't install it. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? What am I doing wrong? I also try to DL the programs from the websites "mobile friendly download", but the same problem occurs. Please help!

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    To start, your not using a smartphone. The i760 is a PPC (Pocket PC). I'm not saying this to be some fanboy nazi, it makes a difference in what apps you can use. Make sure you're not downloading smartphone versions of your apps. Most of them will run, but some won't. Also, the apps made for PPC's with WM6 run better than the smartphone counterparts.

    Second, how are you installing these files you donwloaded? Are they .CAB files, or .exe, or .zip? If they aren't .CAB files, then you need to install them on the PC that you use ActiveSync on. Also, most WM devices don't natively support .zip files, you need an app like totalcommander PPC or pocketrar to open zips on your i760. (Sometimes a zip file will have an executable that you can run right on the phone, but thats a zeroinstall app and you'd know when you clicked on it)

    Third, as for email, you will have to contact the admin for your MS Exchange server at your job. IF they support handhelds, they might be able to help. However, beffore you do that, make sure you are using pocket outlook and activesync correctly. Google for instructions.

    Hope that helps. enjoy your new i760.

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