I have started to have some issues that seem to all have started in the last month.

1. frequent "message failed to send" errors with SMS, sometimes the message actually sent because I received a response before I went in to resend from drafts.

2. periodically my data connection will just stop, the EV icon is lit (like its active, not dormant) but there is no connectivity. I can soft reset and or just turn the phone radio off and back on and the connectivity returns to normal.

3. occasionally the device is non-responsive when waking from sleep mode and requires a soft reset.

I have gotten a replacement device and the new (or most likely refurb) device experiences the same issues. I have not reloaded any 3rd party software (only enabled active sync for exchange. I even removed my SDHC card and replaced it with a 1GB card so i did not need to reinstall the hack.

I have called support once and they looked at it. the second call resulted in a replacement unit. I am at a loss because I use this for my corporate mail and the only way I know when my data connection is dead is when I have not received email for a period of time and go in and check to see if i can sync or get to the internet over IE.

Getting correction by turning the radio off then back on seems to indicate a hung connection of some type. I am curious as to whether others have experienced this set of issues.