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    GPS and the i760

    I've done a bunch of seaching around, and I was hoping someone could help me out. I will soon be doing a survey for work, and I was thinking it would be great to log each location that needs attention with GPS coordinates. When it's time to go back and do the work, I could plug in the coordinates to google maps and see exactly where it is. I know I can pull up a location on google maps using GPS coordinates, but what I'm not sure of is if using the "My Location" feature (or anything else) in Google maps gives the coordinates which you can copy down, or if it only plops a dot on the map so you can see where your at? I know I will have to buy a BT GPS reciever for this to work, but if I can't copy down my coordinates then it's not worth it for me to get the reciever. My other question is since I won't be reimbursed for this...can anyone suggest a decent, but affordable BT GPS unit? I'd like to keep it below $50 if that's possible.

    Thanks so much!

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    Not sure about the GPS unit for under $50 (mine was about $60) but check at Semson's, they are usually a good source.

    For locations, you could use something like VisualGPSce VisualGPSce which is a free utility thaT will give you location coordinates.

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    I just bought a Holux M1000 on ebay for $47 and honestly it could not work any better. It connects to satellites in 30 seconds from a cold start, and it even works from my basement.

    Also, I have been messing around with Reperion. It kind of looks like it was made from the first PPC ever made, but it runs in the background and you can link your google earth to see where you are in real time. It is worth a try, especially since it is free.

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